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Things to Do and Attractions in Tibet

A lots of places in Tibet deserving your visit. We list the top things to do in Tibet here.

The Tibetan adventures and Sites

Tibet is famous for a culture so rich and ancient as well as the transcendent, all of which combines to offer the richest essence. While for your Tibet tours, there are various sites and places you should make a point of visiting. Below are some of these sites:

The eccentric architecture

The Tibetan architecture is the evidence of years of evolving culture. As the architectural skill was being passed down the generation, it encountered the Indian and Chinese influences. All this mingle with the prevalent Buddhism culture, which is native to Tibet. Buddhism influence is so profound in the architectural overly with the prayer wheel, golden roofs, prayer flags, and Buddha statues making frequent appearances. The common material used includes rock, cement, wood, and earth. The monasteries usually face the southern side, which provides an excellent view of the sun.

The Eccentric monasteries and Palaces

Standing at 177 meters high and 360 meters in thickness, the Potala Palace is the most profound feats of Tibetan architecture. This temple houses a myriad of rooms and chapels which hold precious art and relics. The Sera Monastery, Sakya Monastery Ganden Monastery is but other few sites which hold evidence to the Tibetan architectural skill. Though most of these differ in the architectural layout, they adhere to the basics. Among the famous ones is Sera Monastery in which Buddhism debates are common, and the Jokhang Monastery which is the holiest pilgrimage site.

The snowcapped mountains

Tibet is famous for having the highest mountains in the world, which have natural snow capping. It is a magical feat, as most mountain climbers try to reach the peak of the mountain. The Everest is what many consider the epitome of the mountain climbing adventure. However, in Tibet, you really do not have to get to the peak of the Everest to feel the profound sense of accomplishment. You can climb other mountains, which are as high as 7000 feet or visit the Everest Base Camp that rests at 5200 meters above sea level. Alternatively, you can make your spiritual journey to the top of Mt. Kailash, which is the holiest mountain in the remote Ngari.

Make a date with the Holy Lakes

What makes these lakes different is their seclusion and adherence to the natural environment. This is why these lakes are the most famous for pilgrimage and mediation by the local spiritual practitioners. Among the lakes considered to be holiest is lakes Namsto, Yamdrok, and Manasarovar. The Namsto Lake is only 220 km away from Lhasa and offers a perfect view of snowcaps and grasslands. Yamdork’s waters are pure and crystalline, and the lakes itself is accessible on the route from Lhasa to Gyantse. Manasarovar on the other and is in the remote western surrounded by the holy Mt Kailash.

From snowcapped mountains to holy lakes and pristine palaces, you have no shortage of places to visit in Tibet. The local culture takes to Buddhism, which is native to Tibet. While in Tibet, you can also learn of the local Tibet Buddhists, which is a local ethnic group native to Tibet. As you can see, there are so many places to visit while in Tibet and what you should be worrying about is actually the limited time that you have!

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