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Flights To Tibet

A plane in the blue sky look very magnificent.

There are five airports in Tibet, such as Gonggar airport in Lhasa, Nyingchi Mirin airport, Shigatse Peace airport, Banda airport in Qamdo and Ngari Kunsha airport. However, in fact, the airport of Lhasa is not in Lhasa, but in Gongga county, so it is also called …

How to get to Tibet

Traveling to Tibet is a great experience.

Tibet is a dreamy and mysterious place where is considered sacred by tourists from all over the world. Desired to set foot on this ancient land as people are, there are some special regulations hardly known by sightseers who intend to enter this autonomous region …

Monastery in Tibet

Jokhang Temple is at the center of an ancient network of Buddhist temples in Lhasa.

With the spread of Buddhism, the monastery buildings developed rapidly and became the main body of ancient Tibetan architecture. A large amount of financial and material resources of the society are spent on them, these temple buildings can best reflect the achievement of Tibetan architecture. …