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How to Plan a Budget Tibet Tour?

Taking train to Tibet saves money.

Having a strong desire to enjoy the attractive and unforgettable scenery of Tibetan and to experience the local culture, but you having a tight budget, here you are provided with some methods to budget a Tibet tour.

Traveling to Tibet by Train

Taking a train on the Qinghai-Tibet railway line is a good choice for you to enter Tibet as it’s not only cheaper than taking the plane but also can provide you a chance to have a closer glance at the scenes of the Tibet Plateau, Qarhan Salt Lake, and the Yuzha Peak and so on. Tibet train also offers you a better altitude acclimatization as it has an oxygen supply. When the train arrives at the high altitude, the cabins are supplied extra oxygen to prevent the altitude sickness and each passenger has a private oxygen supply. If you want to save more money, choose hard sleeper berths instead of soft sleeper berths.

Traveling with a Group of People

The cost of traveling with a group of people is almost the half of that of a private tour. The reason why it saves money is that you can share the guide spends and vehicles costs. At the same time, you can share the room with others to reduce the expenses of accommodation.

Visiting Tibet in the Slack Season

In winter from November to March, it is the slack season of Tibet, when there are fewer visitors and there will be great discounts in many aspects. If you travel to Tibet in winter, you can enjoy many discounts as it’s the slack season. There are reduced-price rooms in many hotels, which helps you to spend less money to enjoy a well-conditioned accommodation. At the same time, the fares of vehicles will be reduced as well.

Do not worry about the temperature as in most time it is above 10 degrees in Lhasa, which is warmer than most areas of Northern China. As there are a small number of tourists, you can have a peaceful and quiet experience in Tibet. Although half of the attractions are not accessible in winter because of the strong winds and blizzards, there are still some places to go. Potala Palace offers half-price entry tickets and Amdrok Lake, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Gyantse Pelkor Monastery greatly reduce their entry fees. If you trek the Mount Everest Base Camp, you will save 30% money.

Visiting Attractions Requiring No Entry Fee

Entry fees play an important part in the costs of visiting Tibet. It is a good idea to visit attractions requiring no entry fee as many as possible to reduce your cost. Many monasteries and temples are free to visit. And some places need no entry fees such as Yamdrok Lake, Lhasa River, Barkhor Street, Tromsikhang market and so on. Staying in Cheap Hotels If the requirements for sleeping conditions of you are not too high, you had better choose cheap hotels instead of those stars ones. You may have a clear understanding that you will spend most of your time outside and stay in hotels only at night. The conditions of some cheap hotels are also not bad with many facilities provided. Some provide free wifi facilities, free parking, and free internet access. So take some cheap hotels into your consideration.

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