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Flights To Tibet

A plane in the blue sky look very magnificent.

There are five airports in Tibet, such as Gonggar airport in Lhasa, Nyingchi Mirin airport, Shigatse Peace airport, Banda airport in Qamdo and Ngari Kunsha airport. However, in fact, the airport of Lhasa is not in Lhasa, but in Gongga county, so it is also called Lhasa airport, Gongga airport, and Lhasa Gongga international airport. Lhasa Gonggar airport is the most popular and significant one of all airports in Tibet. It links many cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, Shangri-la, Kunming and so on. Lhasa also has flights to the Tibetan areas of Nyingchi, Gamdo, and Ngari. The other four only run flights from a handful of Chinese cities, such as Chengdu, Chongqing, and Urumqi.

Compared with traveling to Tibet by train, flying to Tibet has become the first choice for travelers because it is faster and saves a lot of time than traveling to Tibet by train. It usually takes more than 40 hours on the train to reach Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. In addition, more than 18 Chinese cities have the option of serving as gateways of flying to Tibet, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Kunming, Chongqing, and others. These cities have convenient direct flights. First-tier cities such as Chengdu, Beijing, and Xian even have 6 to 17 direct flights to Tibet every day. You can also fly directly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, usually one to two flights a day.

It’s simple and easy to travel to Tibet by plane. At present, China has more than 18 destinations operating daily, with domestic flights available to Tibetan cities of Lhasa, Nyingchi, and others. In these destinations, Chengdu has 12 to 17 flights a day from May to October. It is very frequently and convenient. Beijing, Kunming, Xian, Chongqing come in behind Chengdu. So far, there is only one international route to Tibet: Kathmandu – Lhasa(only one hour’s flight).

Even with so many flights, it’s best to book flights to Tibet in advance, because it’s often difficult to secure flights to Tibet. Especially when you go to Tibet during the peak travel period from July to October, the air tickets to Tibet are very tight. Great Tibet Tour is a travel company in Tibet that can help you book flights to Tibet. They can also provide you with tour packages and flight information for Tibet, and the price is very affordable. If you need and contact them, they will make your journey easier.

When you plan to fly to Tibet, there will be many questions in your mind, such as how to book, where to book, how to get flight information and so on. If you choose to join the travel agency, you may spend a lot of time preparing for your tour to Tibet in the early stage, but you can gain more experience in this way. You can go online for flight information and book tickets on reliable websites. But a journey you do not know what will encounter difficulties, but as long as you have the determination to overcome difficulties and will be successful. If you choose to join a travel agency, it will be easy. The travel agency will help you plan your tour in Tibet in the most appropriate way and prepares you for all travel. Whichever way you choose, I wish you a pleasant trip to Tibet.

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