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Explore Tibet by Trekking

Trekking in Tibet with a group of people is a good way to explore Tibet.

Trekking in Tibet is a perfect way to explore some secret places during your Tibet tour and provide you with a wonderful experience in your whole life. Trekking in Tibet, not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you can also experience the magical and unique Tibetan culture.

Preparations for Trekking in Tibet

A beard well lathered is half shaved. If you are well prepared before you start your trekking in Tibet, you will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles. Here are some suggestions on it.

  • Documents prepared:

Chinese Visa is one of the most important documents needed during travel to Tibet as Tibet Autonomous Region is a part of mainland China. But entering Tibet from Nepal is an exception. You can apply for a Chinese Visa in a Chinese Embassy.

Tibet Travel Permit is needed when foreigners want to travel to Tibet as the culture and region are quite different in Tibet.

Aliens Travel Permit issued by the Public Security Bureau is needed when you travel to outside Lhasa.

The Military Area Entry Permit issued by the military affairs office is needed when you visit military sensitive areas in Tibet such as Mount Kailash in Ali and Rowok Lake in Chamdo.

  • Clothes:

Warm clothes are of vital importance during your trekking in Tibet as the temperature is really low in the evening. Scarf, woolen hats, and gloves are needed.

  • Trekking accessories:

As the UV in Tibet is quite strong, you had better take sunscreens and sunglasses as well as lipsticks. A torch will be needed during your trekking in Tibet. Other things such as umbrellas, enough tissue paper, and plastic bags need to be prepared in advance as well. And a camera can help you to keep the wonderful moments.

  • Personal items:

Medicines of all types are the most important item that you should take with you as there are so many possibilities in your life. Tissues, wet tissues, towels, shampoo, soaps and some other things are also needed.

  • Food items:

Enough water can be placed at the first of the food list. Chocolate, candies, nut fruits, cookies and so on.

Famous Trekking Routes:

Several popular trekking routes exist in Tibet, including the advanced Everest Base Camp Trek, Mount Kailash Trek, Gyama Valley Trek, Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek, Ganden to Samye Trek and Shalu to Nartang Trek, etc.

  • The Advanced Everest Base Camp Trek

The advanced Everest Base Camp Trek is a world-class trek. The biggest challenge is the bad climate and high altitude. Situated at the high altitude of 6,500m, the advanced Everest Base Camp Trek is called as the highest trek all over the world. The trekking includes about 18 days.

  • Mount Kailash Trek

The Mount Kailash Trek is known as a pilgrimage tour for Mount Kailash is the Holy Mountain for several religions. When you trek the Mount Kailash, you will see many pilgrims who are doing kora. As the average altitude of this trekking is about 5,000m, the trekkers must pay attention to their health. The Mount Kailash Trek includes about four days.

  • Gyama Valley Trek

Located on the eastern slope of Mount Everest and has a quite atrocious condition, Gyama Valley is favored by trekkers who are adventurous. The Gyama Valley Trek provides the trekkers an opportunity to have a sight of the Mount Everest.

  • Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek

The starting point of this trek is Tsurphu Monastery while the terminal point is the Yangpachen Monastery. It covers several high valleys. During the trek, the trekkers can view the scenery of peaks, monasteries and an ancient nunnery. It takes almost nine days to finish this trek route.

  • Ganden to Samye Trek

Beginning from Ganden Monastery and ending at Samye Monastery, the Ganden to Samye Trek is recognized as the most popular trekking route. The scenery is quite beautiful with various lakes and meadows. It is quite a challenging route as there are both ascent and descent. This trekking route takes four or five days.

  • Shalu to Nartang Trek

Although it is short, Shalu to Nartang trek is breathtaking as well. It starts from Shalu Monastery and ends in Nartang Monastery. This trekking route can be finished in three or four days easily.

Finally, we sincerely suggest you choose your favorite route and have an adequate preparation so that you can have an amazing trekking in Tibet.


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